NH Hotel Group

NH Hotel Group is committed to offering sustainable, consistent and efficient hotel services for our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and society. It works to comply with its commitment to integrate responsible business management within the economic, social and environmental scopes, focusing on becoming a leader in Corporate Responsibility in the tourism industry.

To achieve this, NH Hotel Group takes a holistic view of sustainable business through its pillars:

NH ROOM4 People – NH Hotel Group promotes internal professional development and creates social projects in the communities where it is present. 

NH ROOM4 Planet – NH Hotel Group is committed to the environment and shows this through sustainable products, reducing consumption and the fight against climate change. 

NH ROOM4 Responsible Shared Success – NH Hotel Group conveys human rights and ethical business principles in the way it works throughout its value chain: customers, owners and suppliers, promoting responsible alliances. 

Team Members

Employees are a key stakeholder in NH Hotel Group’s responsibility approach. It is committed to creating quality employment, in an environment that promotes training, professional development and encourages diversity of cultures and nationalities, in equal conditions and rights.

Environmental Sustainability

NH Hotel Group operates its hotel business with the ambition of leading through responsible behaviour, creating shared value at an economic, social and environmental level. We strive to offer unique experiences to our clients and our employees; to be active in the communities where we live and in caring for the environment. This allows us to transmit the ethical and responsible business principles that guide the way we work.

The fight against climate change is at the core of strategic planning at business level and for NH Hotel Group’s risk management. It has formalised its commitment to reduce carbon emissions throughout its value chain by 20% by 2030, scientifically validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


Maintaining active relations in the communities where NH Hotel Group operates and contributing to local development with a commitment based on its own business are among the key objectives of NH Hotel Group's Corporate Responsibility strategy.

Find out more about NH Hotel Group's sustainability efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility policies here, or download the latest Sustainable Business Report here.