Green Growth 2050

Green Growth 2050 has been selected by the Minor Hotels to provide Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recognised Certification, Performance Measurement, CSR impact analysis and business intelligence dashboard analytics across all aspects of sustainability reporting.

Green Growth 2050 also provides the necessary metrics and compliance to fully support Minor Hotel’s carbon accounting and sustainability reporting across the globe.

About Green Growth 2050

The Green Growth 2050 Global Standard and Sustainability Reporting Framework is an international online solution designed to allow travel and tourism organisations to assess the overall sustainability and CSR performance of their individual properties and portfolios.

Green Growth 2050 has been designed to meet the needs of tourism and travel businesses seeking today’s solutions to the issues driving social, cultural and environmental change.

It has been developed by VisionCSR, based in Australia and draws on their multi-decade experience as leaders and innovators in creating sustainable travel and tourism frameworks, as well as their extensive partnerships and alliances focused on green economy transformation and climate response.

Certification & Assessment


At the core of the Green Growth 2050 Sustainability Reporting Framework is Certification to the Green Growth 2050 Global Standard.

Green Growth 2050 includes over 450 industry based sustainability indicators making it the most comprehensive travel and tourism-based standard available. Each non-mandatory indicator is rated in accordance with its importance within a total scoring regime out of 580.

Green Growth 2050 certification is determined by a mandatory annual onsite audit undertaken by a select group of fully independent third-party auditors.

Hotels are certified Silver, Gold or Platinum depending on their overall percentage achievement. 65%+ for Silver, 80%+ for Gold and 90%+ for Platinum.

The Green Growth 2050 Global Standard is based on a range of internationally recognised environmental and hotel industry sustainability standards.  These include:

•   UN Global Compact

•   The UNEP Green Economy Principles

•   UN Declaration of Human Rights

•   The Code against the sexual exploitation of children

•   UNWTO Ethics in Tourism

•   International Labour Organisation Standards

•   The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels & Tour Operators

By utiliising these international programmes Green Growth 2050 has been able to develop a comprehensive global standard that covers all the major sustainability and CSR perspectives including:

•   Sustainability Management

•   Legal Compliance

•   Labour Practices

•   Health & Safety

•   Human Rights

•   Sustainability Design & Construction of Buildings and Infrastructure

•   Sustainable Operations – Best Practice

•   Bribery & Corruption

•   Energy, Water, Waste & CO2-e

•   Environmental Stewardship

•   Social & Community Development

GSTC Recognition

Green Growth 2050 is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; the international benchmark in sustainable tourism assessment.