Tivoli Hotels & Resorts

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts is fully aware of the influence hotel operations have in the three pillars of sustainability – economic, social and environmental. Therefore, we are committed to managing and continually improving our operations so as to:

1. Exceed guest expectations
  • Promoting training and providing information for staff
  • Promoting health and food safety, implementing the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system
2. Minimise safety risks
  • Providing suitable responses for possible emergency scenarios
  • Promoting accident avoidance programmes
3. Minimise negative environmental impact
  • Optimising the use of natural resources
  • Correctly managing waste
  • Adopting a strategy for Voluntary Carbon Management
4. Contribute to the social and economic development of the community
  • Promoting and participating in social responsibility programmes

In terms of social responsibility, Tivoli partners with two main institutions: Novo Futuro and Make-A-Wish Portugal and Brazil.

Novo Futuro is a Portuguese institution that provides to the children of families at risk, all their daily needs in a functional family full of love and dedication. The association also promotes the integration of these children into society. Tivoli carries out a number of activities with them:
  • Sponsorship of a Children’s Home – with enough money to ensure the operation of a home for around 8 children for a year
  • Provide free accommodation for the team which organizes the charity fair “Feira das Estrelinhas – El Rastrillo”
  • Provide free furniture, fittings, bed linen and towels for children’s’ homes, with the most recent being in São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Provide free rooms in our hotels for Novo Futuro to hold meetings and interviews
  • All Christmas greeting cards purchased from Novo Futuro
Make-A-Wish is a multinational institution that performs wishes to children and young people from 3 to 18 years, with serious illnesses, to bring them a moment of joy and hope.
  • Promoting corporate volunteering with employees of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts
  • Sponsorship of desires, with the utilisation of the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts infrastructures and preferential contacts with the business community;
  • Events & fundraising - participation in events such as the Wish Dish
  • Logistical support for training Make-A-Wish volunteers
Other work done in the community includes:
  • Support for the family of siamangs at Lagos Zoo
  • Beach cleaning undertaken by the Tivoli Carvoeiro Diving Centre
  • Support for charities (financial, gifts of linen/towels, etc.)
  • Volunteer work by hotel teams across the portfolio
  • Monetary, goods and gifts (specially toys for children) donation for local associations – Brazil