Avani Hotels & Resorts

Avani proudly supports the Heinecke Foundation, which gives back to the community by awarding scholarships to students – from early childhood education levels through to graduation. Since the foundation’s launch in 2000, thousands of children have been supported.

Avani properties also participate in social and environmental initiatives from Earth Hour to support for local charities in individual destinations, in addition to sustainable practices in development and operations, a consistent emphasis across the Minor Hotels portfolio.

Avani has eradicated the use of plastic straws in all of its hotels and resorts, replacing them with a variety of biodegradable and reusable alternatives such as bamboo and stainless steel. The throwaway nature of single-use, seemingly harmless plastic straws contributes to these products being one of the top two polluters of the ocean. Avani hopes to inspire guests and other brands to follow its lead in rejecting plastic straws in their own day-to-day lives and operations.

Operational Sustainability

Since 2008 each Avani hotel has been asked to pass an independently audited Global Sustainable Tourism Council recognised Sustainability Certification on an annual basis. The current brand standard requires a Green Growth 2050 ranking of Gold or above.

In 2018 Avani pledged a 75% reduction in single use plastic by 2024 and are well on track to achieving this with many hotels having now removed it totally from Front of House and working on our kitchens and supply chains.

Since 2021 all Avani properties were required to measure and record their waste and declare percentage recycled or composted vs. sent to landfill or incinerated. Based on these figures the hotels have been tasked to reduce organic waste to landfill by 50% for 2030 – this will be done by reducing food waste in production and presentation as well as using composting and other technologies to ensure the waste can be up cycled and used in the hotel grounds or local community farms as fertilizer.

Minor Hotels has pledged to become a Net Zero Carbon company by 2050. Avani has already achieved its initial goal of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions from a 2016 baseline and are working on the tougher target.