Better than a Box of Chocolate: Get Healthy Together this Valentine’s Day with a Couples IV Drip, Oxygen and Light Therapy

A 2021 New Year’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle is a worthy goal but for many it remains an elusive one. To help your resolutions stick, VIVID by Verita Health, Bangkok’s leading anti-ageing and aesthetics hub, is offering couples a fast track to achieving their wellness goals with a two-for-one Valentine’s Day package.

Bundling a new, healthy activity with a habit guests already enjoy, the nurses at VIVID IV Drip Bar located at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, are offering a relaxing spa-like experience coupled with a powerful, immune-boosting trio – the IV Drip, Oxygen and Luminette Light therapy. To help couples along on their respective journeys to better health, the double package starts from THB 5,960, offering savings of 50%.

Administering vitamins and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, VIVID’s range of infusions provides a host of powerful health benefits that enhance mental clarity, supercharge the immune system, turn back signs of ageing, beat fatigue, boost metabolism, and provide more energy to enhance overall wellbeing.

Complementing the treatment is VIVID’s exclusive medical-grade oxygen and Luminette Light Therapy that recharges the internal system by increasing O2 levels in the body and balancing the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, and reduce fatigue. The instant oxygen boost helps to keep cells healthy, reduces stress and migraines, and increases energy and alertness. There are other benefits too.

As you breathe in 90% pure oxygen in a safe, controlled environment, your circulatory system jumpstarts every cell in your body into action, promoting healing, stimulating metabolism, and strengthening cognitive abilities. Getting back on the path of wellness has never been easier or felt better.

VIVID by Verita Health’s Valentine’s Day package is available between February 14th-28th. Book a treatment at or +66 (0)2 003 4918.

About VIVID By Verita:

VERITA + IV+ ID= VIVID: A personalised IV experience from Verita Health.

Verita, a next-generation healthcare provider, presents Vivid by Verita, a vibrant IV drip bar, anti-ageing and aesthetic hub located in the heart of the city at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. Vivid by Verita Health is the perfect pit stop for busy go-getters seeking instant cellular rejuvenation through a range of high quality and custom-made IV treatments designed to enhance overall well-being and performance. Whatever the concern, VIVID has a range of highly effective formulas offered as infusions, pushes and shots to promote a host of health benefits that improve mental clarity, support immunity, beat fatigue, alleviate hangover symptoms and boost metabolism amongst others. Specialising in functional medicine, performance enhancement, facial and body rejuvenation utilizing advanced anti-ageing protocols, the Verita team of global anti-ageing researchers and health practitioners have curated these proven therapies. Complementing the wide variety of IV, cellular and aesthetic treatments, Verita’s exclusive Elements of Wellness include medical-grade oxygen and photo-luminescence therapy, to recharge the internal system by increasing O2 levels in the body and balancing the circadian rhythm. There are no limits to wellness, VIVID at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is suited to anyone with a pro-active interest in living a healthy lifestyle while looking and feeling their best.

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