Welcome the Songkran Rainy Season Refreshed and Rejuvenated at VIVID By Verita

VIVID By Verita at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel’s leading anti-ageing and aesthetics hub celebrates the arrival of Songkran with a limited time group package. Forget cocktails for Happy Hour, VIVID By Verita uses intravenous formulations that are constantly researched and refined to include the highest quality and most therapeutic ingredients. Gather friends and family to kickstart the Thai New Year for a private session and receive a welcome boost of medical-grade nutrients and minerals directly to the bloodstream.

The Myers Cocktail IV treatment includes a world-famous blend of electrolytes, B-Complex vitamins, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.  Administering vitamins and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream through smart, automated IV pumps, VIVID’s range of infusions provides a host of powerful health benefits that enhance mental clarity, supercharge the immune system, turn back signs of ageing, beat fatigue, boost the metabolism and provide more energy to enhance overall wellbeing.

Songkran is steeped in cultural significance and traditions centred around the sacred use of blessed waters for elders. A time for family gatherings, now is the perfect chance to offer family members the gift of health and wellbeing. Whether seeking a pre or post party pick me up, or for friends looking to attain shared wellness goals, a private takeover of VIVID By Verita is a unique and exclusive offer to nourish your body from within and be ready to take on new challenges feeling refreshed and invigorated for the new year ahead.

At VIVID By Verita, our team of medically trained nurses and doctors share a core value that health is a long term investment that starts from within and maintaining the fountain of youth is no longer an abstract goal. When fully integrated into one’s lifestyle alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet, VIVID by Verita Health’s medical solutions have the potential to redefine aging; offering clients the ability to restore energy and balance with cutting-edge treatments designed for the modern lifestyle.

The ‘Cocktail Drip Party Package’ is available through March and April, 4 Myers Drips for 4 persons only 9,900 THB. Book this package at vividsiam@veritabeyond.com or +66 (0)2 003 4918.