Minor Hotel Group Cements Green Credentials With New Green Growth 2050 Standards

Minor Hotel Group (MHG) has moved to cement itself as one of the global leaders in sustainable tourism by implementing the Green Growth 2050 (GG2050) sustainability solution.

MHG has committed its 35 resorts and hotels under the Anantara brand to the Green Growth 2050 programme, launched in 2015, with many already undergoing certification. A further 35 hotels under MHG’s other brands are currently implementing the Performance Measurement solution planned for live operation later in 2016.
“In identifying a sustainability partner for the Hotel Group, Minor was looking for a solution that could take our hotels to the next level and a programme with the potential to operate across our entire portfolio”, said John Roberts, MHG Director of Conservation Efforts. 

“We found Green Growth 2050 was the only solution that brought together a GSTC recognised Certification Standard, aligned with international conventions including the UN Global Compact, with true measurement of our sustainability initiatives across over 200 GRI and tourism based metrics.  The ability to measure and manage performance across all our hotels in the one place, standardising the group wide recording, was crucial to our decision in moving to Green Growth 2050,” said Mr. Roberts.

Green Growth 2050 CEO, Wayne McKinnon, said, “MHG has one of the most impressive hotel portfolios in the industry combining luxury properties with outstanding service.  It is a privilege to have many of them as our current members.”

“When we developed the sustainability framework for GG2050 we wanted to provide a solution designed to take leading organisations like MHG beyond the one-dimensional legacy certification systems currently being used and provide a true cloud-based solution that brought together certification, performance measurement and online learning, overlaid with full business intelligence and analytics.”

“Minor’s sustainability performance can be managed across their entire portfolio and segmented by business type, city, region, brand, or any defined grouping.  They can compare the performance of their Asian hotels against their Middle Eastern hotels or owned hotels against managed hotels; certified or not certified, etc. to provide both individual hotel management teams and head office executives with unrivalled granularity in managing their sustainability initiatives.”

“All this information is available in user-defined dynamic dashboards specifically tailored to the needs of each organisation, and at the touch of a button.  Full reporting and data export is also supported.”

Green Growth 2050 Chairman, Professor Geoff Lipman, a long-time industry leader and sustainability advocate, praised Minor Hotel Group for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. “We decided to create Green Growth 2050 to help move traditional environmental indicators for the sector into the mainstream of industry response to climate change and sustainable development.   We spoke to a number of hotel groups – all of whom were positive, but it took the long-term vision of Minor Hotel Group to join us as a launch partner for the programme - we are incredibly pleased to be working with them.

 “2015 has been a watershed year for the International Community with three Heads of State Summits – on Development Finance, Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change; setting the agenda for a new socio-economic paradigm. The overarching aim is to stabilise climate change by 2050 but the broader goal is a more caring, inclusionary, resource efficient, low carbon society. Green Growth 2050 is a key tool in the armoury of creative and positive change,” he concluded. 

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