Get Moving to Get Fit with Primal Health Coach Rob Hourmont

At Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, the outdoors is your gym, with Primal Health Coach Rob Hourmont here to train and push you to your limits. Conquer stairs carved into a cliff as you sprint above crashing waves. Work up a sweat on the aptly named Impossible Beach below. Maximise agility, endurance and strength in heavenly surrounds, all while under the guidance of a former Olympian.

The philosophy of Primal Health harks back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. In contrast to our mostly sedentary modern lifestyle, hunter-gatherers engaged in short bursts of activity followed by periods of rest throughout the day. Their diet was clean, bursting with colourful vegetables and naturally-occurring protein. Complementing it all, their mind was focused.  

Health coach Rob Hourmont was a British Olympic skier with a promising future until an injury ended his career. On his road back to health – both mental and physical – he experimented with a number of regimens, finally coming across Primal Health and never looking back. 

Rob teaches guests the importance of working out efficiently – less is most definitely more – without putting stress on your heart or joints. Learn to enjoy exercise again, biking through rainforest, waterskiing across a lagoon, or mastering the agility, endurance, power and poise of Muay Thai kickboxing in the resort’s ring. 

Rob’s three-day Optimal Primal Fitness Course, offered exclusively at Anantara Uluwatu, introduces guests to the specifics of a balanced Ketogenic diet and exercise forms. Train daily in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, with cardio exercise, weights and sprinting. The island’s fresh air is said to inspire many for change, while the training itself is personalised for sustainability. 

“Exercising right is the key,” says Rob, when explaining the programme’s success. “Primal Health will revolutionise your workout, allowing you to work all the muscle groups in only 45 minutes. The great thing about this course is that it equips you with skills for a lifetime. You can go home and continue training on your own, and see the difference for yourself.” 

Coaching with Rob starts at USD 185 for up to two persons. For more information on Anantara Uluwatu’s wellness offerings visit, email or call + 62 361 8957555. 
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