Sound Therapy at Anantara Spa in Desaru Coast Resort

Desaru Coast, Malaysia (May 2022) – As the world is beginning to relax travel restrictions – it is time to plan your summer vacation. For the wellness enthusiasts, Anantara Desaru has engaged Mr Tan Han How, a renown sound therapist to conduct private sessions for guests. Sound therapy is aimed to awaken the body, mind and spirit. Singing Bowl sound therapy is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and encourage deep relaxation.

Mr Tan has trained with US Sound Energy Healing, Nepal Kundalini Sound and Herbal Therapy and Malaysia Ci Hui Singing Bowl.  He has organised retreats and private meditation sessions for individuals and groups since 2011. The sound from the singing bowl which originated from Tibet and Nepal since 2,000 years ago.

These mystical metal bowls, when struck, can create contemplative and heavenly sounds, which resonate as if the universe is manifesting itself upon one’s soul. The sounds singing bowls produce create a kind of energy medicine that is said to fix the broken frequencies of the body, mind and soul. Playing these bowls creates a centering effect, which causes the left and right sides of the human brain to synchronize with one another. Attuning the vibrations of the body to the vibration of a singing bowl can bring about relief of stress, lowering of blood pressure, feelings of relaxation, and healing of imbalances within one’s system.

Creating memories are part of the Anantara Journey where we strive to offer unique experiences for our guests be it a mangrove tour, fruit farm or even our signature dining options. Anantara Spa is also well known through the world for its unique treatments that combines Thai and local massage techniques is exclusive to Anantara Desaru only.

Mr Tan will be conducting his sound therapy session at Anantara Desaru from 10th – 20th June 2022. Individual sessions are priced at RM400 per person for 60 minutes. Group session are available too.

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