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Heart of the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Renowned for its thriving city centre, large marina and enviable position fringing the Coral Sea Gladstone boasts some of the best coral cays in the world.

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Renowned for its thriving, urbanised city centre and enviable position fringing the Coral Sea, Gladstone on Queensland’s central coast is a destination frequented by many for both business and leisure.

Gladstone’s relaxed lifestyle is contagious among visitors to the region, with a myriad of recreational activities on offer. From active marine pursuits including swimming, fishing, boating and crabbing, to exploring grassy national parks, tackling the cycling tracks and taking a leisurely harbour-side stroll or hinterland hike, there is much to see and do in Gladstone year round. It's well-known as the gateway to many surrounding islands, notably Heron Island, Lady Musgrave, Wilson Island, Boyne Island as well as Tannum Sands – where golden beaches and crystal clear waters await. Gladstone Harbour is within the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef, ensuring top-notch snorkelling and scuba diving are within easy reach as well as a thriving year-round turtle population unlike any other in Australia.

Gladstone’s dining scene offers something to suit all tastes, boasting an extensive selection of fine dining restaurants, casual pubs, alfresco cafes and take away eateries. Other notable attractions include the Gladstone Convention Centre, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, Toondoon Botanic Gardens and Gladstone Yacht Club.