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Naowarat Arunkong, Cluster General Manager, Minor Hotels

Grow With Us, features a monthly series of eight inspirational stories of team members and their career journeys with Minor Hotels so far.  

Our fourth story features Khun Bee (Naowarat Arunkong), Cluster General Manager, Minor Hotels. Khun Bee joined Minor Hotels as Front Office Manager at the Bangkok Marriott Resort (now Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort). She eventually became Cluster General Manager after holding positions as Director of Reservation, Director of Rooms and Hotel Manager for several years. Currently she is in charge of 3 properties in Thailand.

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Learn more about Khun Bee and watch this VIDEO.

How can we ensure you meet your full potential?

To enable our next generation of leaders, Minor Hotels works to identify a number of our most talented individuals and empower them with high-impact career coaching, training and support in achieving individually determined objectives. See a brief overview of our three Leadership Journeys and stories from three recent participants:


Ascent is open to new hospitality management graduates. This journey fast tracks graduate to their preferred career destination. Following a 6-month rotation through all hotel departments at the Assistant Manager level, Ascent trainees spend another 12-months specializing in one department as an Assistant Department Head.


Endeavour aims to support the development of our internal high potential, high performing Heads of Department within the Minor Hotels team. After nomination by General Managers and a selection process, the Endeavour leaders grow with us on a journey of 9 months through a combination of on-the-job learning, coaching, peer learning in group sessions, leadership development and three projects focusing on customer service, a corporate social responsibility event and revenue maximization. A formal assessment of their growth takes place at the end of their journey and thereafter they are ready to move into their next role in their career.


Horizon is open to high performing, high potential leaders in number two roles in Minor hotels. After nomination by General Managers and a selection process, the participants embark on a custom-designed journey of 9 months following a road-map of growth merging learning via participation in special projects and leadership development supported by coaching and peer learning. In addition, Horizon leaders complete three projects on customer service, a sustainable corporate social responsibility partnership and revenue maximization.  A formal assessment of their growth takes place at the end of their journey and thereafter they are ready to take on the challenge of their next career step.

Leadership Journeys

  • Baihe Huang

    Ascent 2015 - 2016

    “As a trainee at the Anantara Spa of Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, my leadership ability has made a massive improvement. I have become the right hand of my spa director, empowering me to make decisions of my own accord in order to make more profit for the spa. At the same time I have learned how to work in a culturally diverse environment, which will facilitate my future move into the upper management.”

    About Baihe:
    Joined Minor Hotels as an Ascent Programme Trainee in April 2015, following Master’s Graduation from Swiss Hotel Management School. Completed 6-month general management training at PER AQUUM Niyama, Maldives. Currently in 12-month spa traineeship at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

  • Banchert Engsupwong

    Endeavour 2015

    “I could not be more thankful for being selected to join the Endeavour programme in 2015. During this 9-month journey, I have learnt to focus and guide my team in a cascading strategy into a clear action plan and accomplish work objectives, building partnerships within and outside my property, enhance my empowerment and delegation skills, influencing others for the maximum benefit of the hotel and practicing my innovation through the projects I owned during the programme and through daily operations. The knowledge, skills and competencies I have learnt during the journey have helped to prepare myself to be ready for the transition to my current position.”

    About Banchert:
    Joined Minor Hotels in November 2011 as a Front Office Manager. Promoted to Rooms Division Manager of Anantara Sathorn Bangkok and Oaks Sathorn Bangkok in August 2015.
  • Carla Puverel

    Horizon 2015

    “The Horizon experience has been very beneficial. It has been great to meet all the other people on the journey via Skype and to swap ideas and hear how they see things and to learn about the projects they are working on in different areas of the world. 

    What has been quite fun is that I’ve gotten to meet a few of my fellow Horizons leaders in person on my task force to set up villa operations at Banana Island in Doha. We’ve been able to bounce ideas off of each other and to work towards achieving similar goals. 

    It was also a fantastic learning experience “selling” my projects to the Anantara Layan Phuket team and having them support the initiatives and recommend them with passion. The Muay Thai ring is doing well and I am sure we will see more F&B revenue from the Loyalty Programme in the next season.”

    About Carla:
    Began her Minor Hotels career in 2011 at Naladhu Maldives, followed by Anantara Veli Maldives. She currently leads as Resort Manager at Anantara Layan Phuket.