A Leadership Journey for New Graduates

You are someone courageous and adventurous. A pioneer in uncharted territories, you create footprints for others to follow. You set your own course and determine the path of your growth to achieve your goals. You are a leader who leads by example and are not afraid of putting in the hard yards. You do not step back in the face of adversity. Financially savvy, people friendly, with a strong business acumen, you are ready to ascend to a challenge that will stretch and shape you to be a future leader in our organisation.


About the Ascent Programme

The Ascent Programme provides new hospitality management graduates with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and leadership skills with hands-on experience working in at least 2 different types of resorts during the eighteen-month program. From the blue seas of the Maldives, to the yellow sands of the Middle East, to the silver skyscrapers of Asia, each experience is unique. You will be rotated in four key departments during the first six months of your training, including Operations, Finance, HR and Commercial (Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management), prior to specialising in your chosen field in your second placement.

In addition to learning about the business and operations of the resorts, you will also have the opportunity to make a difference through proposing projects that will be implemented to enhance the guest experience of the resort and the overall offerings of the brand.

You are not alone in this journey. Once with Minor Hotels, you belong to a large family of hospitality professionals locally and globally. You will have the support from our senior management team around the world – with an on-site coach at your assigned properties and an umbrella coach who you will be in touch with you virtually throughout your eighteen months.

The Qualities of an Ideal Ascent Candidate

A – Adventurous:
Are you an adventurous globetrotter who travels the world like our diverse portfolio? Are you ready to the plunge with us to discover unchartered territories?

S – Self Starter:
Are you an independent learner who grows as fast as we do? A visionary who sees the future like we do? A self-starter who is never afraid of taking that first step?

C – Culture-centric:
At the heart of our business are people. With more than 23,000 team members under our care, being culture-centric is not just a key to working well with your team, but also vital to understanding the needs of our customers.

E – Enthusiastic:
We are firm believers that passion motivates and only the enthusiastic convince us.

N – Novel:
Are you an innovator of novel ideas? We are looking for individuals who are not content to be followers, taking the easy path, but driven to imagine and create new concepts, new ways.

T - Team Player:
No man is an Island. Ascent graduates build strong working relationships and achieve through collaboration.

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