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Privacy Policy

AVANI Hotels & Resorts (“AVANI”) is committed to protecting our guests’ personal information. This Privacy Policy is part of Minor International PCL, the parent company for Minor Hotel Group including AVANI Hotels & Resorts whose terms and conditions govern our services. We will post any changes in our privacy policy from time to time on our website,


The term “Protected Information” refers to information that can be used to identify our guests individually. It includes, among other things, guests’ names, addresses, age, gender, personal financial history and passport/ID card number (whether in physical, electronic or other format).
We collect Protected information for three primary purposes:

  • To enhance our ability to provide superior customer service to our guests
  • To keep our guests informed of promotions and offers
  • For marketing and research purposes


Using our Website

When you visit our website, you will be given a “cookie” and your computer is assigned an ID number. Cookies track user preferences and allow us to offer a tailored web experience without visitors having to re-enter their preferences each time they visit. We also use cookies to compile aggregate website data, which helps us to monitor website traffic and track what parts of our website visitors use most frequently. Our cookies do not contain Protected Information and do not follow visitors on the internet after leaving our website.

Once you have visited our website and accepted our cookie, your ID number is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you visit our website. Although you remain anonymous until you enter Protected Information in the website, the ID number allows us to log your session, so that we may better provide individualised support. Once you enter Protected Information on the website, we associate your ID number with your contact information so we can recognise you on future visits and keep track of information that appears to interest you.

While browsing our website you may make a reservation at any of our resorts through our website or participate in one of our on-line promotions or surveys. We may ask you for Protected Information to respond to this request or to participate in our various programs. Your transmittal of your Protected Information shall constitute your acknowledgement and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in the Privacy Policy.


We take steps to ensure that Protected Information is kept in a secure location, to which only designated individuals have access. It is important to note that no e-mail communication is fully secure. We recommend that you do not include any confidential information when using e-mail. For your protection, our e-mail responses to you will not include any confidential information.


Agents, contractors or third party service providers to AVANI may receive your Protected Information in the course of providing services to AVANI. Using contractual or other arrangements, we ensure these parties protect your Protected Information in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.

We may from time to time conduct joint marketing activities with selected partners where we deem the combined offers to be of relevance or interest to you. In these instances, Protected Information will only be accessible to mailing houses or parties contractually engaged by AVANI with appropriate privacy and confidentiality controls in place. At no time will Protected Information be issued to any partners for their own use.

We will only share Protected Information about you outside AVANI without your consent where: (a) it is required or authorised by law; (b) it is required to provide you with services you have requests in which case you will be deemed to have given your consent; or (c) if you have failed to pay amounts owed to a property.